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MACH Redwing's Gossip in the Grain MH MXS MJB NF WCX OD ADHF VCX CCA




(Named after musician Ray LaMontagne)


Date of Birth:  6/4/2015




OFA Clearances:

Montee Brags!

In April 2023, Montee became our second OD (this is the GRCA's Outstanding Dam designation)! All qualifying offspring were from her our very first litter (Montee's only litter), and were only 3.5 years old! We are so proud of our Ammo pups and all of their dedicated owners, and thank them for helping prove that Montee kids are the best.

On 10/22/2021, Montee got the last QQ she needed for her MACH! Montee is our second dog to earn her MACH, our second dog to earn her MH, our second VCX, our second ADHF - but she is our first dog to earn ALL of these titles!

On 7/23/2021, Montee finished the requirements for the GRCA's Agility Dog Hall of Fame (ADHF) designation! Then on 8/8/2021, her CCA pass gave her enough points for her VCX!

Montee was the "bad" puppy in her litter (nicknamed "Spidey" because she would climb up and out the sides of the pen her breeder kept the puppies in), and she continued her naughty streak at home with us. She has always been mischievous (wanting to explore and get into everything), and has this funny quirk where she loves to chase the vacuum around the house and try to attack it. Despite that, she is incredibly sweet natured, and loves being with people and other dogs. The day after we brought her home, she came with us to a PVGRC field training day where her crate was set up at the line and she watched all the other dogs run marks, listened to gun shots, and was loved on by everyone that walked past her crate. The next day she went to the PVGRC dock diving fun day and picnic - more noise and commotion and she loved it. She started swimming at a very young age, running marks at a young age, and general obedience training at a young age. She is birdy and drivey, but remains very people focused and biddable, and she has a wonderful natural recall.


She continues to improve in her training, and remains a little snuggly lovebug around the house. She is by far the goofiest dog we own, and always makes us smile. We are so excited to see where we can take this sweet little girl (or where she takes us)!

Highlights of Montee's performance career thus far include:

  • She passed her WC on the first try at 11 months old.

  • As of June 12, 2016 Montee is now a Junior Hunter!

  • In August 2016 Montee passed the first Senior hunt test she was entered in at just over 14 months old.

  • Second senior test entry and second pass at 15 months old in September 2016.

  • As of October 2016 Montee is now an SH at 16 months old! She went 4-for-4, and we're very excited for her to run in Master next spring.

  • November 6, 2016 Montee passed her WCX today on the first try at just barely 17 months old!

  • In April 2017, at 22 months old, Montee entered her first Master hunt test and passed! At this exact same test 1 year prior, Montee had earned her 2nd JH leg. It's amazing how far this little girl has come in a year!

  • November 12, 2017:  At 29 months old, Montee is now our second Master Hunter! We weren't expecting Montee to earn her MH until next spring, but this little girl surprised us by having a great fall hunt test season and completing the requirements for her MH title.

  • In July 2018, Montee earned her both her AX and AXJ agility titles on a Saturday, and that Sunday (her first time running in Excellent B) she got her first Double Q towards a MACH and her first MACH points.

  • Montee has quickly earned her MX/MXJ and is well on her way to her MACH!

Montee is now spayed and enjoying retired life!

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