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Excited to announce that we plan to breed Montee to Cruz!

Lorfield's I Get Around MH40 MNH4 CCA WCX HTHF - "Cruz" x Redwing's Gossip In The Grain MH MX MXJ NF WCX - “Montee”


The decision to breed Montee to Cruz was an easy one. Cruz's sire "Crockett" ( is the grandsire of our dog "Amos" (and of course we think Amos is an amazing performance and family dog). Crockett recently passed away at 16.5 years old. Montee's pedigree also brings some lovely longevity to the table (her sire is still alive at over 15 years old, and her grandsire passed away at 15.5 years old), and we hope this longevity (along with their performance abilities and golden temperaments) will be passed on to their pups.

From Cruz's owner:

Cruz is bold, outgoing, intelligent, structurally correct dog with a great work ethic and high desire to please. His drive and desire in the field, combined with his obedient attitude has earned him 40 master passes, four passes at the Master National and a pass at the Master Amateur Invitational.  Cruz has always lived in the house with multiple intact males and females and has never had a problem with any of them.  His temperament is exceptional, getting along with other dogs and children and always avoiding any conflict.  He has all his health clearances, a low COI and a wonderful pedigree with multiple field and obedience titles.  At ten years old, Cruz is still actively competing in hunting tests and training for the next Master National and an attempt at a fifth plate.

About Montee:

Montee is 5 years old, and has accomplished a lot at a young age. She passed her first Senior hunt test at 14 months old, and earned her SH title at 16 months old. She passed her first Master hunt test at 22 months old, and earned her MH at 29 months old. She is completely owner trained and handled (by her relatively inexperienced owners who work full-time), and received limited training (she was only trained on marks once a week). She is a very birdy dog, extremely water confident, handles well, and has a natural recall/retrieve.

Montee was the recipient of the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club’s Mark Maisel Trophy in 2016, which recognizes the top junior (24 months of age and younger) dog for outstanding achievements in field areas of endeavor.

In terms of agility, Montee has her MX and MXJ titles, and has 11 QQs towards her MACH. 

Montee is the most biddable dog we own and wants to please. Additionally, while she is very driven and fast while working, she is an extremely easy dog to live with and has a great off switch.

Videos of Montee running agility are available on request. Additionally, please contact us for more information on our puppy process, how we raise our litters, and to be added to our waitlist.