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We will always think of Mosby and Amos as the original Ammo boys, and Montee and Gravy as the first Ammo girls.  But life is better with a house full of goldens, and we welcome the opportunity to celebrate all of the dogs that come into our lives!

Got a Little Dirt on My Boots MX MXB MXJ MJB ADHF CCA


(Named after musician Jon Pardi)


Date of Birth:  4/14/2018




OFA Clearances:

Affectionately nicknamed our "unicorn" due to the story behind her existence, Pardi is a powerhouse! She is a fast little agility dog, and has incredible work ethic. She gives her all in everything she does. All of our house guests recognize Par as our most aggressive snuggler who demands just a little more attention than the rest of the pack. Despite our move and the covid-19 pandemic delaying her training and agility career, she is kicking butt in the agility ring. Check out a few of her runs on our YouTube channel:

Ammo Ain't Afraid To Stray Off Course MX MXJ


(Named after musician Devin Dawson)


Date of Birth:  12/18/2020




OFA Clearances:

Ever since we were running master hunt tests with Amos, Brian has wanted a puppy sired by Ben (Sunfire's Long Hot Summer CDX RA MH69 VER CGC CCA WCX OS HTHF ** Can CDX). We were able to watch him work regularly, and were always impressed. So we made it happen! We cannot thank Ben's owners and breeders, Michael Book and Barbara Biewer of Sunfire Golden Retrievers, enough for letting us use their talented boy. We are excited to see how this little girl matures and where she takes us.

Ammo's Mr. Misunderstood AX AXJ


(Named after musician Eric Church)


Date of Birth:  8/26/2021




OFA Clearances:

*Church has all of his OFA clearances and is available at stud (natural, fresh chilled, or frozen). He has been collected and had semen frozen; collection report available. Frozen semen is available.*

I first reached out to Kathy (the owner of Church's sire Chase) to chat about Chase in January 2015 (I never delete an email, so I still have that first inquiry!). At the time I was considering a Chase puppy from a planned breeding that didn’t ultimately happen, but we stayed in touch over the years. Chase has the same grandsire as our Mosby:  Fireside Top Dollar ** - Cash. Brian and I met Cash when he was 12 years old and completely fell in love with him. He was running around Pat and Susan’s yard with the young dogs, and you’d have never guessed his age! In more recent years, I talked to Kathy a lot about my desire to breed to Chase, but the timing never worked out. After Mo passed away in 2020, I knew I needed to get serious if I wanted another Cash progeny in my home, and Kathy very graciously allowed me to purchase the last straw she owned of frozen Chase semen. 


Of course when we went to use the frozen Chase semen, nothing went as planned - a stalled heat cycle (costing us $$$ in progesterone tests), we weren’t able to catch the LH surge, the semen numbers were lower than our repro vet liked to see for frozen breedings, we had to do the surgical insemination on a Saturday when I think Sunday would have been better timing... we still tried everything we could to get her pregnant! Needless to say, when the ultrasound showed just ONE puppy, I was so grateful she was actually pregnant; I would finally have my Chase puppy!

I like to think Church was a singleton because he was meant to be ours, and the universe wanted to make sure we kept the correct puppy. This little man has big shoes to fill!

Ammo's Bad Habits Lead to You


(Named after musician Ed Sheeran)


Date of Birth:  11/1/2022




OFA Clearances:

Yes, it's a girl named Eddie (we often call her "Edwina"). Eddie is from our "Day of the Dead" litter, and she stole Brian's heart from birth. It's not often that I say we don't need to keep a puppy, or that we can place a dog, and Brian argues that she has to stay! She is the clone of her mother, Pardi, and we have high hopes that she will be a crazy little agility dog.

Co-Owned Dogs

Ammo On The No Fly List at Rifka AX AXJ OF


(Resides with co-owner Alyssia Black)


Date of Birth:  12/27/2021




OFA Clearances:

Back when we first started getting involved in dog sports, a golden retriever breeder told us "you can't keep them all" in response to why she wasn't keeping a puppy from her current litter. We would eventually come to learn the truth behind those words. As hard as it sometimes is, and as much as we may want to, we just can't keep them all. So when Edwina Ryska graciously allowed us to use her beautiful and talented boy, Punch, we knew we were in trouble. This pedigree combo fit perfectly into our long-term plans for our line, and when those puppies were about four weeks old that little purple girl really started to stand out... we knew she had to "stay" even though we weren't in a place to raise a puppy. We are extremely thankful for our friend, Alyssia Black, who agreed to co-own this awesome little girl with us. We know she will go on to do great things!

Old Oak's Mountain Music at Ammo


(Resides with co-owner Christine "Demi" Osborn)


Date of Birth:  8/17/2022




OFA Clearances:

Vail's pedigree has everything I'd been looking for - some Bart, some Rooster, and Clyde (a Denmark field trial dog that is also Amos's great-grandsire). She is turning out to be everything we had hoped - wild and naughty, but oh so sweet. Thanks Demi for co-owning her!

Ammo's Inevitable Fate CGC TKN


(Resides with co-owner Julianna Lobosky)


Date of Birth:  4/19/2023




OFA Clearances:  Too Young

Sometimes things are just meant to be. The stud dog I had initially planned on breeding Dawson to ended up having some fertility problems, so I reached out to Blitz's owner, Susan. Blitz had been on my potential stud dog list for years, as I loved watching his kids work. Susan very graciously allowed us to use the frozen semen she had from her handsome and talented boy! Since this was such a special, frozen litter, we hoped to find an agility home with an interest in getting more involved in goldens and breeding to co-own a puppy from this pairing. When the litter was born on the birthday of one of Julianna's previous goldens, it seemed like a sign from the universe. Thank you, Julianna, for co-owning this special girl!

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